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Hourly Driving Lessons

Hourly Driving Lessons from Rugby Driving School

Rugby Driving School offer three choices of how to structure your driving lessons:

Many people learn to drive by having a 1 hour Driving Lesson once a week

Advantages of Hourly Driving Lessons

Disadvantages of Hourly Driving Lessons

The Solution ?

Many People do learn to drive by this method, but they would usually learn better and quicker if they had either 1½, 2, 2½ or 3 hour driving lessons, and if they also increased the frequency of their driving lessons, having two or three driving lessons each week.

Alternatives to Hourly Driving Lessons:

Rugby Driving School offers Alternatives to Hourly Driving Lessons:

Learner Drivers Driving Lesson Prices

Hourly Driving LessonsManualAutomatic
1 Hour£32.00£36.00
1.5 Hours£48.00£54.00
2 Hours£64.00£72.00
2.5 Hours£80.00£90.00
3 Hours£96.00£108.00
Use of Car on Driving Test: 3 Hours
(1.5 hour driving lesson then driving test & return journey)
Block Booking Driving Lessons (paid in advance)ManualAutomatic
10 Hours£310.00£350.00
20 Hours£616.00£696.00
30 Hours£918.00£1038.00
40 Hours£1216.00£1376.00
50 Hours£1510.00£1710.00

Driving Test Fees

Theory and Practical Driving Test Fees are set by, and are payable to The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

We can book your Theory and Practical Driving Test for you, if you require, this is offered as a free service for customers of Rugby Driving School.

(If we book a practical driving test for you and you then decide to use another driving school but want to retain the driving test appointment we will charge an administration fee.)

DVSA Driving Test Fees
Theory Test£23.00
Practical Driving Test (weekdays)£62.00
Practical Driving Test (evenings & weekends)£75.00
Extended Practical Driving Test (weekdays)£124.00
Extended Practical Driving Test (evenings & weekends)£150.00

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