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Refresher Driving Lessons

Refresher Driving Lessons from Rugby Driving School

Refresher Driving Lessons could be a suitable solution in various circumstances:

Everyone has a different reason, and requires something different from refresher driving lessons.

There is no driving test to take, so the scope of the refresher driving lessons can be decided jointly by the client and your Rugby Driving School Driving Instructor, and any aspect of driving can be included.

Driving Lesson length can be 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 or 3 hours.

An hour does go by very quickly, and it doesn't give a lot of time to properly practice and consolidate what is being learned, therefore we would recommend a longer duration as being much more effective.

If you need to get your driving skills refreshed quickly we can also offer an Intensive Refresher Driving Course.

Intensive Refresher Driving Courses are structured as a 6 Hour Day.

The Intensive Refresher Driving Course can be arranged as either consecutive days, or as a series of individual training days.

Refresher Driving Lesson and Refresher Intensive Driving Course Prices

Refresher Driving LessonsManualAutomatic
1 Hour Refresher Driving Lesson£36.00£40.00
1.5 Hour Refresher Driving Lesson£54.00£60.00
2 Hour Refresher Driving Lesson£72.00£80.00
2.5 Hour Refresher Driving Lesson£90.00£100.00
3 Hour Refresher Driving Lesson£108.00£120.00
Intensive Refresher Driving CoursesManualAutomatic
1 Day Intensive Refresher Driving Course£270.00£300.00
2 Day Intensive Refresher Driving Course£540.00£600.00
3 Day Intensive Refresher Driving Course£810.00£900.00
4 Day Intensive Refresher Driving Course£1080.00£1200.00
5 Day Intensive Refresher Driving Course£1350.00£1500.00

Refresher Driving Lessons can help Full Driving Licence holders who have not driven for some time, anyone wanting a driving assessment, or confidence boost, and foreign driving licence holders requiring familiarisation with UK driving.

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