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Motorway Driving Lessons

Motorway Driving Lessons from Rugby Driving School

Motorways are extremely useful for travelling long distances quickly and efficiently.

A network of motorways circles the West Midlands, so quite often it can also be useful to just travel 1 or 2 junctions even on local journeys.

Statistically motorways are extremely safe, but, with the high speeds used, when something does go wrong it can be very serious.

Motorway driving is different from urban driving:

Driving skills developed on different road types need to be adapted for the changed environment, and there are new things to learn, and skills to develop.

A Motorway Driving Lesson would obviously be of benefit to a recently qualified driver, but we can also give driving tuition and coaching to more experienced drivers, who may lack confidence, or perhaps just want to hone their skills further and have the reassurance that they are ‘doing it right’.

Learner Drivers On The Motorway

Since 4th June 2018 provisional driving licence holders, or learner drivers, have been allowed on motorways, but only under certain conditions.

A provisional licence holder can only drive on a motorway in a dual controlled car

A provisional licence holder can only drive on a motorway with a fully qualified Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor DVSA ADI.

The normal rules applying to provisional licence holders such as displaying L plates will still apply.

Motorway driving can be included in a course of driving lessons if you want, but your Rugby Driving School Driving Instructor will only take you onto the Motorway when they assess that you are ready to deal with Motorway Driving.

Motorway Driving Lesson Prices

Motorway Driving LessonsManualAutomatic
2 Hour Motorway Driving Lesson£72.00£80.00
2.5 Hour Motorway Driving Lesson£90.00£100.00
3 Hour Motorway Driving Lesson£108.00£120.00

If you have not previously had driving lessons from Rugby Driving School, your driving instructor will initially assess your driving skills on non motorway roads, and for safety reasons we will only take you on the motorway once your driving instructor has deemed it to be safe.

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